Dakota Fanning Doesn't Look Angelic in Weird 'Halo' Headband

dakota fanningTwilight actress Dakota Fanning has really turned into quite a beautiful young lady, hasn't she? Sometimes actors who start their careers as adorable child stars don't always transition well into their adult look, but Dakota has remained a gorgeous, very natural beauty.

For a Vanity Fair party at the Tribeca Film Festival, she wore an eye-popping pink Lanvin dress that showed off her slim figure and youthful, fresh skin. And her blonde hair looked pretty and unassuming falling over her shoulders -- but then there was that weird halo looking thing on her head that really threw off the entire look. Can someone please tell me what exactly was going on there?


I can't decide if this is some sort of headband that slipped and fell across her forehead, or a form of tiara gone horribly wrong. Either way -- this look definitely wasn't workin' for her.

I guess the "halo" does sort of match the straps on her dress, but other than that, it only serves as a huge distraction from the rest of her look. And since she played a blood-sucking vampire in the Twilight series of films, the whole halo thing just seems kind of contradictory. If she wanted to lighten up her image a bit, she really didn't need an angelic accessory.

She could've achieved the same extra bit of glow around her face by wearing a very thin, single banded headband, or by pulling her hair back into a loose, low ponytail. The "less is more" rule typically associated with makeup also applies to hair and accessories -- as Dakota unfortunately proved.

Do you see headbands like this becoming a hot new trend?


Image via Splash

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