Rihanna's Topless Bikini Photos Should Have Been Kept Private

rihanna bikiniThere's werkin' it for the camera, then there's Rihanna. The Barbadian songstress loves the lens so much that I might suggest she marry it. After a probably well-deserved vacation in Hawaii, Rihanna took to Facebook to share some, um, intimate photos with everyone in the entire world. From pics of her topless to pics of her paddle boarding to pics and pics and pics of her looking like she's quite literally making love to the camera, Rihanna didn't hold anything back.

To which I say, enough. Is anyone else starting to get a little tired of her antics? She's too talented to be doing stuff like this! Leave these kind of "photo shoots" to the likes of Courtney Stodden and, oh god, Heidi Montag. Rihanna's too good for this shit.


Perhaps some gentlemen out there will disagree with me, but enough with the posing like she's in ecstasy already. Mixed in with some really great photos of her having a grand old time in Hawaii are some really suggestive shots. Really suggestive. It's like Doug Hutchison or Spencer Pratt was behind the lens, calling the shots. I don't get why she's doing this. I mean, I get it's for attention and that I'm giving it to her, I'm aware I fell face first into her trap, but I'm just confused.

rihanna topless

Whether she's wearing pajamas on the red carpet or getting more than half-naked for personal yet public pictorials, she's using clothes or the lack thereof to make a statement when, in fact, she should let her catchy, chart-topping music do the talking.

rihanna bikini

Seems like Rihanna could use a positive influence in her life who might help her think twice about making private photos public, even if they were specifically taken for everyone to see. Take Beyonce. She wanted to share some pics with fans and she did so tastefully and with a lot of self-respect. I don't see why Rihanna couldn't do the same.

Curious to see what she does or doesn't wear next.

What do you think about Rihanna's recent "outfits"? Cry for attention or just par for the course?


Photos via Facebook

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