Rooney Mara's New Hairstyle Takes Serious Guts


Rooney MaraLook at this girl to the left, and who do you see? You think it's just another schlub off the street, right? Nope. Ready for it? It's Rooney Mara. Ahhh, yes, you see it now in the eyes! The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo star has completely revamped her look for a role as a prescription drug addict in her latest film, The Bitter Pill (opposite of Channing Tatum, yum!). 

She really is pretty unrecognizable, aside from the leftover signature short bangs. Going from jet black hair color to this -- talk about a drastic change, eh?

I could NEVER.

Rooney got her new 'do at the salon by adding in some extensions and then ombre-fying it. According to People, the ombre look would allow her to "look chic on the red carpet but still look unkempt for the movie." Right, because I would LOVE my hairstyle to scream "unkempt."

As a natural brunette myself, I just don't think I could ever go from what I've got to an ombre blonde. That's what this is, right? Dirty blonde? Besides the point: Brunette is what I know. It's who I am. It's nothing I want to part with ANY time soon.

It takes some major kahunas to make a drastic change like that. Rooney, she's lucky. Maybe not in this photo, per se, but in a few others, she looks pretty good blonde-ish. Dare I say it, she totally looks like a clone of Mischa Barton, no? OK, so maybe that's a leap.

Either way, kudos to her for making the jump and rockin' it. This girl? I could never. 

Have you ever made a drastic hair color change?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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jessi... jessicasmom1

no drastic colors but drasic cuts yes! 

Bertha21 Bertha21

Yes I have, she is sooo unattractive. I don't think it looks good, buy that is just my opinion.

bobek bobek

This is not supposed to look good, she did it for her new role. If I was paid like a movie star I would do the same.

the4m... the4mutts

I drastically change my hair every single season, without fail. I've shaved, extended, chopped, dyed, permed, straightened, and gone completely without a brush, using only my fingers for months a time or 2.

Its no b.f.d.

Its just hair.

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