Christian Louboutin Says Don’t Wear Heels If You Can’t Take the Pain

christain louboutin heelsSometimes I don't know what I find more offensive: the price tag on a pair of Christian Louboutin stilettos, or the height of the heel. They're both so absurdly high that I can't afford to, monetarily or physically, take a pair of his famous red-sole shoes home with me. And that's fine. If I had my heart set on a sexy pair of heels that looked like Louboutins, there are plenty of fakes out there to choose from. But even though they may be cheaper, they're still insanely high. And that's where they lose me. There's nothing less sexy than a woman teetering in stilettos all night, taking baby steps, and looking at her feet when she could be walking confidently in a pair of heels not quite so towering.

Funny part is, Louboutin himself agrees with me. He told Grazia magazine that if women can't walk in heels, they shouldn't wear them. A to the men.


I certainly fall into that category. Three-inchers are as high as I'll go, and if they don't have a toe platform, forget about it. As a New Yorker who's constantly walking, there's no time for blisters, pinches, or gasp, walking slowly. I gotta be on the move, yo, and can't be inhibited by uncomfortable shoes. Mobility trumps expensive style.

There are some ladies out there who aren't willing to give up their Louboutins even though the shoes hold them back. I'm great friends with a few of these crazy birds who "need to sit down" when we're out dancing, who "need to take a cab five blocks," or who "can't leave 'til it stops raining." Why? All because they wanna wear their six-inch heels out on the town.

They should take advice from Christian -- if you can't walk in them, don't wear them. The point of his designs is to make a woman feel and look sexy, but that message gets lost when you look like you're in pain, like you're uncertain about your next step, or if you're sitting out on the fun. Confidence is sexy, and if you can wear high heels all night long without a peep, then by all means!

But if you can't, maybe consider shopping around for a smaller heel that doesn't detract from your inviting self-assurance.

Would you ever wear a pair of heels that you couldn't exactly walk in?


Photo via Christopher MacSurak/Flickr

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