Is Lindsay Lohan’s Coachella Makeover a Hint She’s Back on Track?

lindsay lohanAnswer: Smiley, natural, and showered. Question: What are three words I never thought I'd use to describe Lindsay Lohan. It's hard to believe that LiLo, who just two months ago looked like Debbie Harry and Victoria Gotti's bastard daughter, has somehow managed to turn her look around. The 25-year-old was photographed at Coachella in a white, polka-dot dress, some trendy yellow sunglasses, a gorgeous teal bag, and killer off-white booties. Her new, more-natural red hair was on full display and her makeup was toned-down and in check. Can I get an "amen" for Lindsay's 180?

It's possible that Coachella, the outdoor music festival in the California desert known for its indie vibe with an emphasis just as much on fashion and style as the music, could've had a positive influence on Lindsay.


You'd think that Coachella and Lindsay would be a toxic combination -- there's no dearth of booze and drugs at the festival. Who knows how Lindsay was able to resist all the inebriating temptations, but if the photo is any indication, she appeared to stay sober.

And sobriety suits Lindsay. Her body looks fantastic, her skin is glowing, her teeth are intact, her hair looks healthy, and her clothes aren't desperate. She's looking great. Like 2004 great.

I'm mildly curious what that patch of yellow stuff is on her arm, but I'll let that slide. When she's improved this much, there's no need to nitpick. I don't care if it's pollen or some sort of weird alternative henna tattoo or crusted up bits of boogers -- when a woman can recover from looking like a beauty and fashion disaster in a matter of weeks, she deserves a high-five.

What do you think of Lindsay's transformation?


Photo via Splash News

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