Michelle Obama's Prom Dress Slit Gives Angelina Jolie a Run for Her Money (VIDEO)

Michelle Obama's prom dress
Michelle Obama's prom dress
I always assumed she had it in her, but now it's confirmed: Michelle Obama is a DEE-VUH. In a good way, of course. The First Lady visited Ellen DeGeneres recently, and while on the show, DeGeneres unveiled quite the surprise: A photo of Mrs. Obama in her super sexy, super risque prom dress. Yowza! I bet the White House has never seen getaway sticks like that before. Buuuut, as you might surmise, the FLOTUS wasn't thrilled about the unearthing of this photo. In fact, she'd like to keep it as far away from her children as possible.


After seeing the photo, MObama said to Ellen: "That split was a little high. I don't know if I'd let my kids go out with a split that high, so let's not show this to Malia and Sasha."

Alright, fine. Understandable. But, she has to realize that she looks so good! Yeah, yeah, the slit was high, but who cares? It was the free-wheeling '70s. Anything went. Studio 54 was all the rage. As was Halston and giant rattan chairs. Whatever!

I understand how this could be a little embarrassing for a woman of Mrs. Obama's stature -- that's a Jolie-worthy split right there -- but I hope when she goes home, she embraces the crap out of this picture. Because it's fantastic. And to be honest -- gonna say something controversial here -- I actually think her left leg is better than Angelina's right. Just my opinion. 

Check out Michelle on Ellen:

Michelle's dress: Fierce or Fug?

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