The World's Oldest Supermodel Looks Her Age

daphne selfeIn a world where so many women are going to all kinds of extremes to look younger, it's so refreshing to see someone actually embrace the years they've lived and let nature take its course as far as aging goes. And if anyone proves just how beautiful you can be by doing things the natural way, it's 83-year-old model Daphne Selfe.

Can I get a round of applause and an "amen" for a woman who isn't afraid of gray hair or a few wrinkles? Unlike other models who are constantly trying to fight Father Time, Daphne seems to appreciate the idea that even though your looks change as you get older, you don't necessarily get any less attractive. It's all about your confidence and how you carry yourself -- all of which comes from within. She's so sure of herself, in fact, that she just posed as Madonna, even wearing the famous corset that was designed by Jean Paul Gaultier that Madge wore in 1990.


You can see the photo of Daphne channeling Madonna here -- she looks pretty amazing for 83! Of course, she isn't crazy about the sagging skin on her arms and admits to normally wearing long sleeves, but considering these pictures were taken for a charity that donates bras to women who need them, she was willing to expose a little more than normal.

Ok -- so how exactly does a woman in her 80s look as fresh and radiant as Daphne? Simple -- she uses Boots cosmetics, admits to being blessed with great genes, and she has also avoided having any plastic surgery or Botox (which she lovingly calls "poison"). And looking at Daphne, it's easy to tell that she hasn't had any work done -- and she doesn't need it. How many times have you looked at an older woman who's had a face lift and thought, "Gee, she really looks like she had a face lift"? Probably more times than you can count. Isn't it funny how the same surgery that aims to make you look younger only winds up giving you away as having more years under your belt?

Selfe also credits her long hair for giving her a more youthful look as well, which is something I have to agree with. I'm only 34, but every time I cut my hair shorter than my shoulders, I swear I age a good 5-10 years. There's just something about longer hair that makes you look like a spring chicken. No idea why.

Wouldn't it be great if we could all take a few cues from Daphne and be more loving and accepting of ourselves the way we are? We spend so much time either criticizing our appearances or trying to alter them that we miss the moment and forget to appreciate every little quirk and imperfection that comes as a result of our life's experiences -- and makes us individuals. If the world's oldest supermodel can be happy with her looks as she ages, then there's no reason we all can't accept ourselves and feel beautiful at any given point in our lives.

Have you embraced the idea of aging gracefully?


Image via Splash

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