Madonna’s Nasty Feet Are Crying Out for a Pedicure (VIDEO)

madonna feetOut of all the women who have extra time and money to splurge on getting regular manicures and pedicures, you'd think it would be Madonna. And you'd also expect someone with an A-list status like hers to know better than to put on a pair of open-toed shoes without making sure that her feet are in picture perfect condition. (Um -- hello, Madge? Photographers have a knack for focusing in on the slightest imperfection.)

Check out this photo of Madonna wearing peep-toe shoes, and showing off some very nasty toes at an event to launch her new Truth or Dare fragrance in New York City last week. Her toenails are way overdue for a clipping, and they also appear yellow, leaving me to wonder if the Material Girl has some sort of fungal infection going on. (So gross!) What on earth was she thinking by stepping out with un-pedicured feet?


I shudder and cringe a little bit every time I look at that photo, especially since sandal season is upon us here in the Northeast. Because I know for a fact that Madonna's crusty old feet aren't the only ones I'm going to be subjected to seeing this summer. (Ick!) My eyes are already stinging just thinking about the unkempt toes I'll have the pleasure of viewing on a daily basis.

Wearing sandals without getting pedicures, polishing your toenails, or at the very least clipping them back to a reasonable length so they don't look all jagged is on the top of my list of biggest pet peeves. It's gross, and it's downright unacceptable to let personal grooming take a back seat when it comes to flip-flop season. Plus, wearing fun and bright nail polish colors is just another way to accessorize during warmer temperatures, so you might as well take the time to make your feet a priority.

And you don't have to bust your budget or spend all day getting your feet sandal ready. It only takes about five minutes to cut your toenails, file them, and throw on a coat or two of cheap polish. Trust me, you'll be glad you put in the extra effort -- and so will everyone around you.

Ok, enough about Madonna and her feet. You can hear more about her new perfume venture in the video clip below.

What are some of your favorite toe polish colors for spring and summer?


Image via Splash

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