Julia Roberts' Bikini Body Is SLAMMING (VIDEO)

julia roberts bikiniJulia Roberts can't stop, won't stop. The Mirror Mirror star was in Hawaii on vacation with her three kids and husband recently and showed us all that age is just a number. In a tiny black bikini, Julia, who's, ahem, 44 years old, looks absolutely flawless. AND, I love her hair like that, all curly, red, and natural. She's a pretty woman all right (as if you didn't see that pun coming), but she seems to be so down to earth, so loving, and so into her kids that seeing her as a movie star and not just as a regular ol' mom on vacation is difficult. Sure, she's one of the most famous people on the planet who happens to have killer abs, but she's just like us. Only, yeah, better looking. See for yourself!


And that husband of hers, he's no slouch, either. Dayum.

What do you think of Julia's bikini bod?

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