Pretty Pink Hair Colors May Make You Want to Color Your Locks

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pink hairPink hair is all the rage right now despite the fact that we got a glimpse of Amanda Bynes' colored hair from her mugshot. (The arrest is a don't but the hair is a do!) Katy Perry rocked the pink locks late last year and even Rachel McAdams went pink a few years back. I don't think the choice of color is going anywhere -- in fact, I think the look is heating up ... along with colors like purple, teal, and even gray. This look above is a mix of pink and purple. Super cute.

I love it when the color is fresh and very bright, but I may just like it more when it starts washing out. Check out even more ladies with beautiful pink locks. It might make you want to color your own!

Long, simple, hair

Slightly washed out pink mixed with blonde. Adorable.

You can just color the tips. This red will wash out pink.

tips of hair dye

You can just do a streak. Looks really pretty when in a braid.

pink braid

Of course if you don't want to color your hair -- or bleach it and then color it if you have dark hair that won't take as easily to a pop color, you can always get a clip in hair extension in a fun color.

What do you think of pink hair? Would you ever?


Image via Tessa_the_Pisces; francisco_osorio; brandongreer; Blancalala; Waponi/Flickr



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Sierr... SierraLynn

My hair was every color under the sun in high school.

But left it when I graduated and grew up.

sweet... sweetcherry_59

That red won't fade to pink. I have a red chunk in my hair right now I'm trying to wash out (so I can try teal next) and it's a crappy orange color.... I wish it faded to pink.

sweet... sweetcherry_59

@SierraLynn having fun colored hair doesn't make someone not "grown up" smdh

Angeline Zoe Toconis

I didn't know you immediately grew up when you graduated. I'M IN TROUBLE IN THAT CASE. 

I think Sierra is just mad that she's old and it's no longer socially acceptable for her to have wild hair colors. 

Stacey. Stacey.

its "fun" for middle-high school. but after that, not so much.

Natasha Armstrong-Mangerson

I have pink hair, im turning 22 and pregnant.. should I be considered grown up? Pink hair has been around since the 20's actually. High class people would have colored hair. Just because older woman have gotten old and boring doesnt mean its for middle schoolers. Basically someone just needs to find what makes them look like themselves. You dont want colored hair? fine. Just dont think someone is not "grown up" because they like having fun.

nonmember avatar Arlene

The person in the first picture after the paragraph...yea that zac efron??? Looks like him in a pink wig and well, it freaked me out.

nursemc nursemc

Last year my dd used Splatz pink haircolor. It was supposed to wash out in 6 weeks. It never did. It faded but never washed out. I didn't want to bleach her hair or pay for a color correction I thought oh we'll just give it more time. Ten months later I can still see some streaks of pink underneath.

Heath... HeatherMazzone

I had fun colors in my hair when I was pregnant too, I'm 24 and up until recently I had red, pink, then purple in my hair (not at the same time) and I loved it. I had super long hair and always dyed the bottom 7 inches or so different colors. I recently cut it but I'm still thinking about colored highlights or something. Don't ever decide you're just too old to do something that you want to do. To hell with what other people think of you.

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