The Best Beauty Tips Come From Real Moms (VIDEO)

Grandma & Mom Beauty AdviceWhere do you get your day-to-day beauty advice? Usually it's from magazines, talk shows, websites, that sort of stuff, right? To be honest, beauty blogs are the very first place I stop by during my daily once-around the web. HOWEVER -- I think a lot of us have forgotten that some of the world's best advice comes from good ol' Mom. Oh, and Grandma, too.

Lucky for us, shopping & style site Racked did us all a solid. They compiled some of the best beauty advice from some seriously stylish mommas, rightfully so, because these women have LEGIT seen it all. From remembering to use moisturizer to the right way to apply false lashes, there's no beauty blunder that's left untouched.

Ready, set, watch:


I love this. I specifically love the woman who cuts off some of her false eyelashes from one section when she sees another section is lacking, and then glues the newly trimmed strands there, instead.

Some of their best tips:

- Lubriderm and moisturizing: I suck at remember to do this, especially when I'm in a rush. However, a good coat of moisturizer is MUCH better for your skin than a straight up slather of cream foundation.

- Drink water: If you don't drink water, your skin lacks hydration and appears flaky and dry. H20 = BFFL.

- Comfort and freedom: Best. Advice. Period. If you're not comfortable with the stuff you're putting on your face, then it's going to show in the way you present yourself. Want to branch out of your normal routine, but aren't sure if you'll like it? Try on some new products at home, and see how you feel.

All in all, I think a lot of us forget that the basics to real beauty is a good foundation. Not only do these adorable women have the basics nailed down (i.e., moisturizer and the whole lot), but they also have the inner-beauty. Without that, shoot girl, you've got nothin'.

What did you think of these tips? What is the best piece of beauty advice you've ever received?


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