Melody Thornton Pulls a Rihanna & Purposely Shows Us Her Boobs

melody thorntonMelody Thornton, former member of the Pussycat Dolls, is the latest celebrity to show the world her boobs. On purpose. In a completely see-through (completely heinous) dress. Why? My guess is because, odds are, until right now, you had no idea who Melody Thornton was.

I'm not sure if this should be attributed to the fact that I'm getting older, the fact that I'm a supposed two weeks away from becoming a mom, or the fact that it's just downright nasty and kind of pathetic, but dude, I am sick of seeing celebrity's ta-tas and hoo-has when I'm simply just trying to get my gossip fix. If I wanted to see Rihanna's bare breasts, Miley Cyrus' vajayjay (or chest), or Adrienne Bailon's crotch, I'd make the effort, thanks. Is it really necessary for these women to parade their private parts around in public for all to see? I think not, m'ladies. It's tacky. It's the world's most obvious cry for attention. And, let's not forget, it's so not chic.


Look, I get the whole nudity is beautiful thing. And I agree with it. But there's a time and a place for it. The time isn't at a red carpet event or after a Pilates session, and the place is most likely Europe.

Starlets can be just as sexy -- and just as talked about (well, almost) -- if they don't show everything. Melody's dress would have been kind of cute were there some kind of material on the inside. And although Miley Cyrus' workout gear was an odd choice to say the least, it would have been somewhat understandable should she have thrown on a pair of biker shorts or, for God's sake, underwear underneath.

Ladies, we know you're sexy and that you have nice figures, but do yourselves -- and us -- a favor: Leave the world with a little mystique. It may not get you an entire blog post, but it'll definitely get you more respect. 

Boob/crotch flashes by celebs: React.

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