My Vagina Doesn't Need Bleaching, Thank You Very Much! (VIDEO)

clean and dry

I may have blond hair, but I'm definitely not a natural blonde. Somewhere around the seventh grade, I became addicted to regular salon visits to lighten up my mousy shade of brown -- and I still go for my foil fix about every 7-8 weeks to this day.

And while I love lightening my locks to a much more vibrant, fun shade, I've never once thought about dyeing my hair, well -- "down there." Because as much as body hair kind of creeps me out, I still don't feel like my vagina needs highlights. (Isn't that what razors and waxes are for?)

But apparently having dark lady bits is something that women in India stress over -- because there is actually a product called Clean and Dry Intimate Wash being marketed there that claims to lighten and brighten the female nether regions. And judging from the way the commercial for the product is set up, it really seems to suggest that men don't find their women attractive at all unless they have a bleached va-jay-jay.


Watch the video clip below and pay attention to how much happier and sexier this woman seems to feel after she partakes in a little bleach action in the shower.

O.M.G. Is this the most pathetic ad you've ever seen or what? You gotta love how she looks all depressed in the beginning and can't get her man to make eye contact with her, but then gets all flirty and tries to entice him after she's given herself a good lightening treatment.

And while this dude seemed like he wanted nothing to do with her while they were sitting on the couch sipping coffee, he certainly couldn't wait to play a fun game of hide-and-seek with those keys. I guess there's nothing more irresistible to some men than a vagina that blinds them a little bit.

Wow. This really makes me appreciate living in the United States a little bit more. At least in our country, most men are just happy to have sex at all, instead of being concerned with how deep a shade of brown women have going on down there. Not once in my adult life can I ever recall a guy saying, "Yeah, I'd love to get it on with you, but brunettes just aren't my type." (I'm just sayin'.)

Have you ever had a desire to lighten up a little "down south"?


Image via CleanAndDry2012/YouTube

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