10 Radical '80s Trends I Want Back!

Last week, I bought a scrunchie. Not an elastic, not a hair band, but a leopard print scrunchie, circa 1985. Turns out these things really are better for your hair than the version I have been using for the last 25 years, a lesson I learned at my last haircut. Why'd we ever scorn the scrunchie so, anyway?

I, for one, am thrilled to once again be donning a scrunchie, especially if my hair looks decent after sleeping eight hours on it. Sign me up! And how about we don't stop at the scrunchie? Here are some other '80s staples I'd love to see make a comeback ...


1. The phrases "barf me out,” “gag me with a spoon,” and “take a chill pill.” Really, there's just nothing like them.

2. Trapper Keepers. My kids are constantly looking for pens and pencils to do their school work with. These were the perfect solutions. Oh, how I miss them.

3. Legwarmers. With the resurgence of leggings, it's only natural that legwarmers once again become a trend. I have, indeed, seen them in stores, but not with the Flashdance-style ripped sweatshirt I so long to wear them with.

4. Good but cheezy rom-coms. My favorite movies come from this decade: Can't Buy Me Love, Overboard, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun ... They just don't make them like they used to.

5. Jelly shoes. The comfort, the feel, the breathability. Can't I please find a pair?

6. The music. I, for one, think pop peaked 25 years ago. My car's station is always on set to the '80s. Much to my husband's chagrin.

7. Heavy eyebrows. This waxing shit is for the birds.

8. Overalls. It's a shirt! It's pants! In one! Think of the time it would save now.

9. AquaNet. Hair that doesn't move would come in pretty handy now that I never have time to shower.

10. Parachute Pants. Never mind. There's nothing to miss about these.

What do YOU miss from the '80s?


Image via mattwright/Flickr

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