Selena Gomez's Perfume Smells Exactly Like You'd Think It Would

selena gomezKids these days. They all want their own scent. From the Kardashians to the Paris Hiltons to the Britney Spears to the Adam Levines to the Justin Biebers, there's not a celeb on the planet who isn't interested in slapping their likeness on some floral top notes and hawking the crap out of some perfume. The latest lady to get in the game? Selena Gomez. Perhaps inspired by the success of her boyfriend's eau de awesome, the Spring Break star's scent goes on sale next month at Macy's.

I know. You can't wait. You've just been dying to spend $50 on Selena's signature fragrance. Just wait til you hear what it smells like, and what it's named.


Actually, you might already know what her scent is comprised of since she had her fans vote on what "ingredients" they wanted in her perfume.

Did you ask for chocolate and coconut? If so, she went with your idea. WWD reports that Selena's perfume has "top notes of orange, pineapple, peach, and raspberry; a heart of purple freesia, Cosmone musk, and dewberry, and a drydown of amber, vanilla, chocolate, and coconut."

Mmm. Sounds like a dessert tray at some fancy restaurant that puts fruit garnish on everything. Selena's scent is definitely delicious-smelling, and definitely girly.

And the name? She didn't ask her fans to help her come up with her perfume's moniker, but maybe she should have. She and her team of professionals decided to call the scent "Selena Gomez." Yawn.

It would've been way cooler had she named the fragrance something like Selena Feena Bo Beena, or Bieber's Baby, or Pop Princess Perfume, or Disney Dessert Sensations, or something just a tad more creative than "Selena Gomez."

I guess all the creativity was used up, though, when they designed that bottle. I thought it was supposed to be a melting grape popsicle, but apparently, it's supposed to look like a gown. Where or how exactly the metallic lip cap comes in, I have no idea.

Don't everyone rush at one, you still have about four weeks til Selena Gomez hits stores.

Do you want to try Selena Gomez's new fragrance?


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