Miley Cyrus Looks Hotter When She Isn't Half-Naked (VIDEO)

miley cyrusSigh. When is Miley Cyrus going to wake up and realize that she is a gorgeous 19-year-old who doesn't need to run around naked for people to think she's hot? She's got so much going for her, and unfortunately, she seems to be the only person who doesn't realize it.

Just this week, a photo of her wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt with the sleeves cut off was taken, and it revealed a side-view of her exposed bare breast that was peeking out through the opening. Oh, Miley, Miley, Miley. We understand that you can't be tamed -- but put some clothes on for crying out loud! (Seriously, what was she thinking?)

Even her choice of workout attire leaves little or nothing to the imagination. She has a rock-hard body, but do we really need to see that much of what God gave her at the gym? (Save it for the beach, girl!)


And it's not like she doesn't know how to dress to impress. Take a look at some of her winning looks below -- it's obvious that she's much more beautiful when she wears more conservative pieces versus those that show way too much skin.

Miley wore this cute black and white dress for an event in the U.K. Even though she did show off her toned legs, her look was still classy and understated.

miley cyrus

Or how about this amazing dress she wore for the American Giving Awards? She looked stunning and so elegant!

miley cyrus

And my all-time favorite Miley Cyrus dress was the one she wore for the Muhammad Ali Celebrity Fight Night in Vegas. She literally glowed -- and she looked so mature and confident.

miley cyrus

Someone should sit Miley down and have her look at pictures of her all glammed up on the red carpet versus those where she's got one body part or another out there for the world to see. I bet she'd be pretty surprised at just how much more attractive she looks when she isn't trying so hard to be sexy.

You can hear more about Miley's buff bod in the video clip below. Hopefully one day she'll realize that it looks just as good covered up as it does on display!

Why do you think Miley feels the need to expose so much skin?


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