6 Things You Need to Wear to a Sunny Summer Concert

lollapalooza coachellaGrab your sleeping bag, your solo cups, and your free-spirited friends because the summer concert series are in full swing. Yeah, I know, it's not summer, but outdoor music festivals aren't waiting for the east coast to warm up -- Coachella starts Friday in California and big names like The Black Keys, The Shins, and Florence + The Machine are performing at the three day festival in the desert. Not to be outdone, Lollapalooza, which takes place in August in Chicago, just announced their line-up, as well.

So after you snag up your tickets and plan your trip, you have to think about what to pack. I'm not talking about your cooler, I'm talking about your suitcase. Looking cool is half the reason people go to these things. So! Here are 6 things every summer concert goer needs to have in their overnight duffel.


Brixton Parlor Hat, $42
I've got thin hair and need to wear a hat in the sun lest my scalp's burnt to high hell and I have skin chunks flaking off into my hair for the next three weeks. So yeah, hats are key. They protect you from all kinds of sun damage and they look super cool, too.

Cheap, trendy sunglasses, $10
Sunglasses are a cheap and fun way to play around with trends. You're going to need more than one pair because you'll either lose them or break them ... or barter them for beer.

Xhilaration tank, $15
A tank or tee that's light-weight and colorful is ideal. Light-weight because it's hot; colorful so that your friends can spot you easily.

Sugoi sports bra, $40
You need to wear a sports bra at concert festivals. Between all the jumping up and down, the mosh pitting, and the sweating, nothing short of full coverage is going to keep you comfortable. Spring for a cute one like this that adds a pop of color under your tank.

Old Navy jean shorts, $23
How hilarious is it that there are designer cut offs out there that cost over $100? Either DIY your own pair or pick one up from Old Navy. They're just as good.

pink crocs
Crocs all terrain shoes, $24
OK. This is the first and last time I'll ever recommend Crocs, but this pair is just too perfect for outdoor concerts to be ignored. Sandals in the mud and the, ahem, bathrooms, are gross -- you need some protection from the dirt and the feces. Since these only cost $24, you can chuck them at the end of the festival and not feel guilty about it. Trust me, it's not like you'll ever want to wear these again. They'll be nasty.

Happy summer concerting! What do you like to wear to music festivals?


Photo via dagpeak/Flickr


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