Crystal Renn Looks Like a Ghost of Her Former Self (VIDEO)

Crystal RennWe've debated former plus-size model Crystal Renn's weight endlessly, and I for one am over it. It's her body; let her do her thing. Her shocking new hair, however, is a whole new and fun topic of debate.

If you didn't see the headline, would you have ever guessed this is a picture of the formerly voluptuous, brunette? I never would have. That is some strikingly platinum hair. The matching eyebrows make it even more startling ... but I don't hate it. Plenty of others do, however.


Last week some photos of her new hair snapped unexpectedly on vacation in the Caribbean hit the web, and they weren't so hot. But let's face it, who looks good in a wet suit with wet hair? When she got glammed up for the ninth annual New Yorkers for Children spring dinner dance last night, she looked nothing less than stunning in an amazing (I-would-die-for) green Zac Posen dress. My only hesitation is the eyebrows. I'm not sold on them and would love to see her look with them darkened.

So why'd she do it? She told Fashionista that it was a "Gemini moment," which I, as a fellow Gemini, totally get. She was bored and wanted a change. Why not? She can always change it back if she doesn't like it, and for once, at least people are talking about something other than her weight.

As for the ever-pressing question as to if as a blonde she's having more fun? "I’m having different fun," she told the site.

In case you forgot what she looked like previously, here she is in an interview from earlier this year:

What do you think of Crystal Renn's new hair? Do you like her better as a blonde or a brunette?



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