Jennifer Love Hewitt (Geniusly) Uses This Baking Product as Perfume

jennifer love hewittBetween her boobs, her crush on Adam Levine, and her new show, The Client List, Jennifer Love Hewitt has been everywhere you turn lately. So I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon with another interesting tidbit of info that the actress recently revealed: She dabs a baking product behind her ears -- one that's more likely than not in your cupboard this very instant -- in order to attract men.

Using an ingredient found in most cookies and cakes as perfume is a strange concept indeed. But the more I think about it, it's kind of ingenious. They sell stuff that smells like this for around $60 a bottle at Sephora. Hewitt found a way to get it for around $4. Any idea of what I'm talking about? Once you do, you will run -- not walk -- to your kitchen cabinets, ladies.


Vanilla extract! Yeah, the idea in and of itself is a little odd, but think about it: Vanilla smells ri-god-damn-diculously good. In any form. Why shell out the equivalent of a nice dinner out -- with booze -- when McCormack makes a perfectly acceptable alternative? And you're not getting any weird, potentially toxic, added ingredients to boot! You know what they say about organic -- you shouldn't put anything on your body that you wouldn't eat.

I like this idea. And once I run out of the essential oil I'm currently obsessed with from Whole Foods, I totally will give it a go. (Although, I am on a baby powder-esque kick lately.) Hey, maybe I can even find another scent/food/ingredient in my kitchen to douse myself in? Oranges? Too sticky. Strawberries? Too stain-y. Ooh, what about cinnamon? I love the smell of cinnamon! But is it weird to, you know, smell like cinnamon? Outside of Starbucks?

Guess there's only one way of finding out! Thanks for the economical beauty tip, JLH. I will totally watch your show now. When is it on? And what channel?

Would you ever use vanilla extract as perfume?

Image via Spray2132143244/Flickr


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