Dress 'Sexy Not Trashy' & Justin Bieber Will Like You (VIDEO)

Justin BieberWhat defines your personal style? Are you someone who likes to bring the drama? Or are you more into keeping things cozy? Or oooh, sexy? Well ... if you wanna be on the arm of Justin Bieber (which, DUH, YES YA DO), he's hoping you're "sexy not trashy." As in, he doesn't like women who wear skirts that are TOO short, he wants your girls in check, you know -- that sorta stuff.

The 18-year-old (wahoooo he's finally legal!) told Seventeen at a recent photo shoot that it's all about keeping things classy. So the question is: How do we women keep things steamy without giving too much away?

Selena Gomez, get out ya notepad.


If you're going short on the bottom, keep it covered up top: You never wanna be that girl who is handing out all her goods for free. If you're opting for a shorter skirt, choose something with a little bit more coverage on top.

If you're going tight, keep it covered: It's OK to wear something form fitting. Hell, why not?! But if you're gonna keep it tight, then keep it kosher. No need to channel your inner video girl for a night out to a casual romantic dinner with your guy.

Try a little red: It's no big mystery: men love red. Something about the fiery color makes things fun and playful.

Check out behind the scenes at Justin's Seventeen shoot, here:

Do you have any tips or tricks to keep things sexy without being too over the top?


Image via Seventeen

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