Kate Bosworth’s Skirt & Sneaker Look Is Horrifying

kate bosworthWhenever I see someone wearing a skirt with sneakers, I can't help but hear that song by Lover Boy that goes "everybody's working for the weekend!" In my head, anyone who would commit such a crime against fashion is clearly a working mom who lives in the suburbs in 1982 and dances her way home from the working grind in her shoulder pads, pantyhose, and squeaky clean white sneaks. It's rare that you see a woman wear tennis shoes with a skirt in this day and age, but Kate Bosworth did just that while out and about in Los Angeles. In a top knot, a lightweight gray sweatshirt, a teal skirt over shorts, and odious, over-sized kicks, Kate really, really looks like she's working for the weekend.

Lest I'm not making myself clear, I'm saying she looks 100 percent ridiculous. To add insult to injury, you'll never guess how much those monstrous moon-shoes cost.


Designed by Isabel Marant, the sneaks retail for $760. Painful, isn't it?

Apparently there are enough crazy kooks out there who want their very own pair because Net-a-Porter has trouble keeping the shoes in stock. They're so "hot", in fact, that they're going for over $1,200 on eBay. Gag me with a shoe horn and choke me with a shoelace because I can't stand to bear the thought that these shoes are having a moment.

Sneaks with skirts didn't look good on your mom in the '80s and they don't look good on your mom, or supermodels, or celebs, or anyone in the 2010s. The look is like the nonsexiest look in the world. The colors of Kate's moon-shoes in particular remind me of a Popple, as in, it looks like she's wearing Popples on her feet. I can't.

It's obvious I'm not a fan of the sneaks 'n' skirt look ... are you?


Photo via Splash News

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