Bethenny Frankel's 'Skinnygirl' Shapewear Isn't Just for Skinny Girls (VIDEO)

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bethenny frankelWell, hallelujah! Can I get a huge round of applause for Bethenny Frankel for using real women instead of models to launch her new shapewear line? I gotta tell ya -- I am getting so sick and tired of seeing pin-thin models demonstrating how to wear shapewear for figure fixes that they most certainly don't need.

And even though she's about as skinny as they get, Bethenny had the good sense to put her "Skinnygirl Smoothers n' Shapers" line to the test using women she knows in real life, who have real bodies. Isn't it great that even though she's a size 0, or size 2 at most, she still realizes that not all women fall into that size range?

And even better than the fact that she chose real women for her models is the reason why she decided to go that route. She said:

Everyone has a body part they’re not thrilled about, and the campaign gives women a firsthand look at how a little shapewear can give you the confidence to show it off and feel great while you’re doing it.

OMG. I seriously want to hug her after hearing that. It's so refreshing to hear her encouraging women to be comfortable in their own skin, even if they aren't 100 percent happy with certain parts of their bodies. Being sexy isn't about looking perfect, it's about being confident and proud of who you are and working with what you've got.

I've never tried shapewear, mainly because I always thought they were these tiny pieces of clothing that would suck me in, but have me overflowing out of the top and bottom like a sausage. But if Bethenny's shapewear can make me feel more attractive and sexy without making me resemble a meat product, then I may have to break down and order a few pieces from the line.

Check out the video clip below to hear Bethenny talk more about her Skinnygirl shapewear line.

Are you a fan of shapewear? Does it really work?


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sweet... sweetcherry_59

 I want that red one sooo bad. OMG it's so pretty!

linzemae linzemae

I usually wear shapeware when I have on I dress. It eliminates the jiggles. I also don't like my legs to touch. If I wear a top and I'm feeling like a muffin I Will throw on a tummy slimmer so my muffin top 's contained

nonmember avatar Noah&chloesmom

I love everything Bethanny does. I wear shareware now more than ever. Since I recently gave birth it helps me reshape my body. I also recently bought her face scrub and I was blown out of the water. It is cheap, smells great and feels like I have never felt before. She is awesome!

nonmember avatar Mar B.

Bethanny SUCKS...

Marcia Bar

Bethanny SUCKS.

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