Jessica Biel Goes Wedding Dress Shopping Like a Diva -- 'Cause She Can

Jessica Biel
Jessica Biel shopping for a wedding dress in Paris.
There's shopping for a wedding dress, and there's shopping for a wedding dress. The former entails hitting up a few local stores -- probably with some friends or family, trying on a bunch of things, and eventually walking away with something pretty damn close to what you originally envisioned. The latter entails doing what Jessica Biel is currently doing: Traipsing around Paris, assistant and wedding planning book in tow, hitting up all the best boutiques in search of the perfect dress.

That's how it's done if you ask me ... if you're a super-rich celebrity who will be on the cover of every rag mag this side of Texas. If you're not, well, I actually don't even think you need to go with anybody to find your wedding dress.


I know, it's sort of tradition, gathering up some friends and making a day of it -- and surely they want to be a part of the occasion -- but, when you bring a bunch of people with you, you're also bringing a lot of opinions. And a million different opinions aren't necessarily a good thing when you're shopping for a wedding dress.

Some think I'm weird, but I actually bought my wedding dress completely alone. (I always shop alone.) I went into the J.Crew bridal shop with a style in mind, and a half hour later, I had my dress. And I loved it.

Full disclosure, I lived in California at the time, and my mother and sister were completely across the country in New Jersey. If I had been closer to them, I would have most likely taken them along, so they could be part of everything. But I know that opinions would have reigned supreme -- and I'm not 100 percent sure I would have walked away with the dress I really wanted.

I know, shopping for a wedding gown solo is a little unconventional, and borderline stick-in-the-muddish, but for me, it worked. I wasn't going to be on the cover of every rag mag, though, so there was that.

How did you shop for your wedding dress?

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