Victoria Beckham Is on Fire With Wild New Hair Color

victoria beckham on harper's bazaar ChineI love me some Beckham. And not just that hunky David Beckham, either. I have a legit girl crush on Victoria. Call me lame, but it's been that way ever since the Spice Girls. Posh and I, we were just on the same level. Earlier today, I checked out Victoria Beckham rockin' it on the May 2012 edition of Harper's Bazaar China, and I thought to myself, "Man, Posh looks goooooood."

This is not the I'm going to the Royal Wedding Victoria. This is not the professional momma Victoria. This is the bad ass CALL ME SEXY Victoria and me likey.

And you know what? I even like the red hair! Could this be the start of something new?


OK, so probably not. To be real, Victoria definitely knows she looks good with her classic brunette short bob, and she'll probably never change that. For some women (myself included), that's just how it is. Hell, I've had long brown hair for years now, and whether or not I want something new -- I'm simply convinced that this is my look, and that's cool.

Is it fun to mix things up once in a while? Sure! I bet Beckham had a whole lot of fun channeling her inner redhead during this shoot! I've gotta ask though, isn't the red an eensy bit stereotypical, Harper's Bazaar? I mean, with the communism and the red dragons and everything? Hey, just thought I'd throw that out there.

ANYWAY -- no matter what any magazine does to her, Beckham will always look amazeballs. THAT is why she's my favorite Beckham. Well that, and I like her leather leggings.

What do you think of Victoria's look on the cover of Harper's Bazaar China?

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Image via Harper's Bazaar

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