Rihanna Surrenders to Pantless Peer Pressure

rihannaHonestly? It might be an epidemic. Rihanna was out and about in Sydney over the weekend promoting her new flick Battleship in what looks like nothing but a denim shirt and white sneakers. If you look closely enough, you may catch a glimpse of the pop star's barely-there shorts, but you'll need a magnifying glass to be confident that she's really wearing any bottoms. Rihanna is just the latest in a string of celebrities who've gone pantless. The Barbadian beauty is staying right on trend by exposing a lot of leg under a little shirt.


No one's positive when or how this pantless trend will be stopped, but if nothing's done soon, we're all going to be walking around this summer with our butt cheeks hanging out and our thighs on full display. If this no-pants style doesn't coincide with an uptick in gym memberships, we are soooo in for a jiggly few months.

Rihanna doesn't have anything to worry about in the wobbly bits department, but if I were her friend, I'd voice concern over her recent fashion fails. Going bottomless is one thing, but her distressed denim shirt makes me think she had a one-night stand with A.C. Slater then did a walk of shame in his shirt. Between this fugly '90s throwback and the personal pajama party she had on the red carpet in Tokyo, things have been going awry in Rihanna's fashion playbook.

Clearly anyone wearing acid wash without pants is screaming for help. Somebody needs to pop an intervention on her before things get worse. Hopefully, she gets the style advice she needs, and soon. Can't take much more of this.

What do you think of Rihanna's outfit?


Photo via Splash News

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