Anne Hathaway Hacks Her Hair Off & It's Hot (PHOTO)

Anne HathawayLook who's sporting a daring new do. Anne Hathaway psyched us out once before while filming One Day a few years back when she showed off a pixie cut, but we later found out it was only a wig. This time it appears that she has hacked off most of her hair for real.

Wow. It takes a minute to adjust, but while I'm sure there are people that will hate it, I'm loving it.


According to People she did it in preparation for her role in the upcoming movie adaptation of Les Miserables. In it, she plays a single mother who sells her hair and works as a prostitute to feed her child. Talk about embracing a role. Women will do a lot of things, like starve themselves (apparently she's losing a bunch of weight for the role too) or pack on pounds for a film, but it's a brave few that will actually do something this drastic to their hair.

Also, few could pull it off and look this good, but Anne can rock this look. She has strikingly strong features and isn't traditionally pretty, but she's gorgeous nonetheless. She has one of those faces that make you want to stare, and her flawless skin and gorgeous eyes and lips will just stand out even more with her shorn locks. We've seen her with numerous up-dos over the years, and she doesn't need her hair flowing to shine.

In pictures snapped this morning, she doesn't look so sure about her new do. I'm sure it's a crazy adjustment to go to run her fingers through her hair, only to find hardly any of it. As difficult as it is though, I imagine it's also freeing in many ways too. We all put so much time and energy into it, but it's just hair.  The good news is it will always grow back ... and if it takes too long, there are always extensions.

What do you think of Anne Hathaway's drastic new look? Could you ever cut your hair this short?


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Image via Splash

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