Charlize Theron's Tattoo Is Beautifully Distracting on 'Vogue' Cover

charlize theronWe've seen Charlize Theron at her absolute physical worst. Remember Monster? She was downright hideous in that flick, as she was supposed to be. But it's hard to imagine anyone calling her less than stunning when she's just being herself. The South African beauty is on the May cover of British Vogue and some people are saying that a certain element of her appearance ruins the photo. That somehow, she's less gorgeous or desirable because of a mark just above her right ankle.

That mark, as it were, is a tattoo.


I'll admit, I think seeing the tattoo changes the photo a bit. It doesn't make it worse by any means, but it certainly gives the pic an edge. It shows, somehow, that Charlize is a person, not just a flawless shell with leg for days and cheekbones that just won't quit.

Generally speaking, I'm not a fan of tattoos. But you know what I dislike more than I do some permanent skin ink? Photoshop. Charlize's little Koi fish could have been so easily air-brushed out, but Vogue decided to leave it be.

I have to hand it to them -- anyone who refrains from picking up the proverbial eraser and "fixing" a photo is a hero these days. In a world where models' legs disappear and where Khloe is the same height as Kim, it's refreshing to see some restraint when it comes to digital editing.

Charlize truly is a "modern glamour star" and there's no way a mark, a tattoo, a cellulite dimple or a freaking third eye could ruin her. (OK, maybe a third eye would be a little weird, but you know what I'm saying.)

Do you think Vogue should've Photoshopped her tattoo?


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