Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Not 'Obscene' Because She Has Ample Breasts

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Jennifer Love Hewitt is breaking away from her good girl image with her new role on the television series, The Client List. The actress is well known for her ample breasts and curvy frame and she shows it off in ads for the show in skimpy lingerie beneath which her cleavage can't be missed. Rumor has it that this has been fine for everyone but Entertainment Weekly.

The site is running ads for her show. See them here. Now compare them to the photos of the original billboard. See the difference? Does anyone else find this annoying?

As a woman who is built similarly, I feel Jennifer Love Hewitt's pain as I have also been told some bizarre things because of my breasts.

As a woman who happens to be on the thinner side with a large chest, I have been told so many things about who I am -- dumb, silly, trashy, slutty -- that it almost seems laughable now. As a mom and a married adult, I can laugh at it, but when I was younger, it used to bother me a lot.

Why can't women with large chests wear what they want without being made to feel like it means something else? Why is it obscene?

Jennifer Love Hewitt isn't obscene. She is how she was made and she is lovely. How is that "too much" for family networks? She can't help that she has a nice rack, now can she?

We need to stop pretending like a woman with a larger chest means anything. It doesn't. She is still in a bra, still hot, her chest is just smaller, at least to my eyes. So how is that better? I can see if they wanted her to just have a top on, then fine. But what bothered Entertainment Weekly was the sheer size of her boobs. How is that obscene?

That is porn and Playboy talking, it seems. Big boobs, small boobs, they are all sexual sometimes and non-sexual other times. They don't mean what people seem to think they mean, and personally, I liked the billboard the way it was.

Do you think Jennifer's boobs should have been reduced?


Image via Entertainment Weekly

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fave82 fave82

They're not made smaller, they're just more covered. I don't see the issue. Did someone actually call her obscene or slutty?? I feel you're reading a lot into this.

Torra... TorranceMom

Wow! She looks phenomenal in both! Gorgeous woman!!!

cocob... cocobeannns

What "good girl" image was she shedding?

Stacey. Stacey.

She cant help she has a lot of boob, but she can help how covered they are,, which is the issue here.  sounds like you're applying personal situations to this.

the4m... the4mutts

That "bigger" pic, is unflattering. I'm willing to bet she wanted it changed. She's pretty, and so are her breasts. But that picture looks saggy and gross.

nonmember avatar Denise

Yeah, you're right, her breasts aren't what make her obscene. Her talking about things like "vajazzling" her "vajayjay" is what does it.

nonmember avatar justsaying

No, her body isn't obscene, and there's nothing wrong with wearing what you're comfortable in. But when you wear something that shows it off, you have to be ready for any and all remarks, both positive and negative.

nonmember avatar Michelle

I completely see your point. If you put a girl with big boobs in a v-neck identical to one worth by a smaller chested woman, the one with big boobs would be the one who people would say needed to "cover up" our the one that.looked slutty. Lame.

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