Jennifer Love Hewitt Doesn't Need to Show Her Boobs to Be Sexy

jennifer love hewittSexy mama!Jennifer Love Hewitt is a beautiful girl with one hell of a rack (ask her yourself!). And she and said rack looked amazing in the skin-tight, nude-ish-colored bandage dress she wore to the premiere of her new show, The Client List, a few days ago. Hot damn, take a look at that woman. Yowza! It's enough to make any red-blooded person imagine what she would look like naked. Except we don't have to ... Because we already know ...


Despite looking lovely and sexy and like everything that any man with a pulse would want, JLH is literally leaving nothing -- not one iota -- to the imagination. And even though she's perfected her relaxed Marilyn Monroe sleepy eyes and pouty lip look, she appears kind of uncomfortable to boot.

Like many women in Hollywood, I don't think we necessarily need to be reminded that Hewitt is gorgeous. We know. We know. We know. I wish once in a while, the sexy ladies (your Jennifer Love Hewitts, your Megan Foxes, your Kim Kardashians) would opt for something "cool" as opposed to va-va-va-voom, you know? We've seen them in tight dresses and low-cut shirts so many times -- throw us a curve ball every now and again. Leave a little something to our imagination.

I'm a firm believer in the whole less-is-more thing. And I honestly think that sometimes an outfit that's quirky and edgy (think Sienna Miller, Michelle Williams) is much more sexy than one that's so ... well, overtly sexy. But that's just me. I fancy the quirk. I'm sure there are plenty of men who will happily beg to differ.

Do you like Jennifer Love Hewitt's dress?

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