Lindsay Lohan Ages 25 Years in 60 Seconds, and It's Scary (VIDEO)

lindsay lohan

Ok, so there's a new video of Lindsay Lohan that has gone viral, but this time it's not because of something crazy she did or some sort of illegal substance she ingested. And it's not because she passed out in the front seat of a car either. Shocking, I know.

Instead of showing something scandalous, this particular video takes photos of Lindsay from when she was a baby up until the present year, and shows her aging an entire 25 years in only 60 seconds. And believe me, watching one photo morph into the next is really, really creepy.


Ok, enough suspense. Here's the video -- take a look and try not to be completely freaked out by Lohan's transformation.

So -- are you ready to give up booze and vow to go to bed at 8 p.m. every night for the rest of your life yet? Because I'm about to that point after seeing the drastic change in Lindsay's appearance over her short 25 years. (Just kidding -- I'd never be able to give up wine or martinis altogether.)

But seriously, this video does make me think twice about how important it is to take care of my body, and it also makes me very happy that my hard-core party girl ways ended when I finished college (or somewhere thereabouts). It's been a good 12 years or so since then, so I'm pretty sure any potential damage I did to my looks would've shown up by now.

And as for Lindsay, let's just hope she's truly cleaned up her act and doesn't have a relapse and show up on the club circuit again any time soon. Because I really don't think I'd be able to stomach a video showing how much she ages over the next 25 years.

Would you want to see a similar video of how you've aged over the course of your life?

Image via vj4rawr/YouTube

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