Want to Feel Pretty? Grab a Cocktail

martiniAnyone who's ever had a wild night out on the town knows one thing: Alcohol, lots of it, makes you think you're a Greek goddess. I'm embarrassed to admit that there have been one too many times in my life where I've been over-served and thinking I look all gorgeous only to go to the bathroom to see that I have lipstick all over my face and red wine all over my shirt. Okay, fine, and Cheez-Its in my hair. It's actually really sad. But, hey, now there's a study that reaffirms this nonsense: Booze makes you feel prettier.


French scientists used their big brains to conduct an experiment (at a bar) where they fed people alcohol and asked them to rate their attractiveness. What they concluded was this: The higher the amount of booze that's drunk, the higher the self-confidence of the person. Duh. 

I've gotta be honest, I'm kind of surprised that this experiment was even conducted. I mean, aren't there diseases to cure? Of course booze makes us more confident. Haven't these people ever been drunk? Of course they have; they're French.

Regardless, this news is going to wreak havoc on the beauty industry. I mean, when the masses get wind of this, they'll realize: Why bother? Screw the creams and the lotions and the potions and the lipstick. A bottle of gin is where it's at. (Although, be careful with gin; it makes you belligerent.)

We don't need all this extraneous garbage to feel good about ourselves, ladies (and dudes). All we need is a stiff drink. Hey, it's a lot cheaper than Botox. Buuut probably more expensive than a liver transplant, so, really up to you.

Do you feel sexier after a glass or two of something?

Image via LawPrieR/Flickr

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