Katie Holmes' Botox-Free Face Is Absolutely Gorgeous

katie holmesKatie Holmes went out to lunch with a friend and she wrinkled her forehead. I know what you're thinking: Katie's allowed to have friends? But that's neither here nor there. The real revelation from her lunch date is that Ms. Holmes doesn't seem to have had any Botox injections. In Hollywood, where frozen foreheads are a dime a dozen, Katie stands out as a natural beauty with appropriate facial mobility. Her visage isn't a plastic version of itself -- she looks real, and it's downright refreshing.

And her current style seems to reflect her down to earth ethos. Anyone else notice that all she seems to be wearing these days are chambray shirts, jeans, and flats? It's like Joey Potter is now in her 30s and all I want to do is become best friends with her and go row boating in a creek.


We all know that Suri's really into fashion, and Katie can be, as well, but I have to give her a shout out for looking laid-back and casually chic these days. The 33-year-old star looks happy from the inside out. And unlike most celebs, we can actually read her emotions since she's refrained from injecting Botox into every crevice of her face.

Katie's always been beautiful, but there was a time a few years ago when she got the short, stark haircut and was bouncing around London, Paris, and Milan sitting front row at fashion shows, wearing only the latest and greatest in designer wares. She wasn't any less gorgeous then, but it was hard to see just how effortlessly attractive she really is when she was hiding behind all the clothes and makeup.

It seems that Katie's taking a break from high-fashion and is showing off her softer side, and I think a lot of people like what they see.

Do you like Katie's natural look, or do you think she looks better all done up?

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Photo via Splash News

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