Christie Brinkley Proves Once Again She's Ageless in Hot Pink Dress (VIDEO)

christie brinkleyNo matter how many times I see pictures of her, I just can't get over how incredible Christie Brinkley looks at 58. And even though common sense tells me she has really good genes and takes impeccable care of herself, I still can't help but wonder if she either has a time machine hidden in her basement or if she's possibly some sort of alien. Those two scenarios make a bit more sense to me.

Because women who are almost 60 just aren't supposed to look that good. When I first saw this shot of Brinkley rocking a hot pink dress and neon heels, I honestly thought it was a photo of Kelly Ripa! Take another good look at this picture -- doesn't Christie remind you of Kelly?


Christie wore this eye-catching look for the Today show, and it's obvious that she knew she looked smokin' hot. That dress looked like it was made for her body, and her mile-high pink heels really added an extra element of sexy to the whole look. Hmm. I wonder if she chose this particular outfit in order to really stick it to her ex, Peter Cook, after breaking down during her interview with Matt Lauer last week over their failed marriage. Looking good is the best revenge, right?

Neon colors seem to be all the rage for spring 2012, and I'm starting to think the bright hues somehow contribute to erasing a few years off one's style. Jennifer Lopez turned heads in a neon green dress similar to the cut of Christie's a couple weeks ago, and she looked at least 10 years younger in it. It's almost like neon hues ignite extra confidence inside of women who dare to wear them -- and it shows.

Her dress was a huge win, so let's hope Christie's Today experience this week was better than last time. You can hear more about how she broke down while talking to Matt Lauer about her ex-husband in the video clip below.

Have you tried any trends that made you look or feel younger?

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Image via Pacific Coast News

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