Rihanna’s Pajama Look Is a Red Carpet Catastrophe

rihannaI consider myself a pretty laid-back lady, but I draw the line when it comes to wearing pajamas outside the house. Rihanna, pop superstar and burgeoning actress, feels differently. On the red carpet for the Tokyo premiere of her new movie Battleship, the Barbadian singer wore an electric blue pair of silk PJs. She paired this bedtime look with gold jewelry, big hoop earrings, and flesh-toned sandals -- she refrained from accessorizing with a toothbrush or a teddy bear. While her co-stars were decked in couture gowns, Rihanna kept things mellow in jammies.

They look like sleepy time clothes to me, but designer Emilio Pucci would likely disagree. He might call it a pantsuit. Or simply, fashion. But neither of those words comes to mind when I look at Rihanna.


I understand that she's paying homage to traditional Japanese garb, and while the sentiment is admirable, the execution is not so much. I like that Rihanna is fully covered -- sometimes her outfits show a little too much -- but this look is not her best. From the sleeves that are too long to the, well, fact that it looks like she's ready to climb into a bunk bed and talk the night away, this ensemble choice was not a good one.

She tries to make it sexy by showing some cleavage, but even that attempt falls flat. Pretty sure Rihanna wore this to get attention, though, and that's about the only thing she got right with this look. People are certainly talking about it.

It seems that we can always count on Rihanna to push the boundaries of style and this silk number is no exception. She knows how to spark a fashion conversation, that's for sure.

What do you think of Rihanna's red carpet look?

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Photo via Koki Nagahama/Getty

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