Jessica Alba's Tattoo Is the Perfect Ink for Moms

jessica albaWhen Jessica Alba steps out, you pay attention. And not just because she typically has two ridiculously gorgeous children in tow, because she herself is ridiculously gorgeous. And I speak from experience here. I saw her in person once ('member, Jess?). Her skin glows; her hair shines; and she generally makes you feel like crap about yourself no matter how good you thought you looked when you left the house. The woman's a human car crash. You can't look away. But today, people are staring at the actress for a new reason entirely. They're staring because Jessica's got some serious inkage up on her arm.


Albs was spotted out at a park recently -- yes, cute kids in tow -- with a really large, really elaborate tattoo situation on her upper left arm. The design appears to be a bed of roses, and although it looks kind of bad ass, it will be impossible to hide it come awards season. And every other season.

Guess what, though? Joke's on us! That tat is a fake! Ha-ha. Suckers. Who's the idiot now? That's right, the design on Jess's arm is only for her role in the movie she's currently shooting, terribly entitled, A.C.O.D.

Gotta hand it to whoever drew that up, though. Shit looks real. Not like the horrendous fake tattoos I've gotten in my day at carnivals and theme parks and what have you. Where can I get this guy's number? I'm actually in the market for some bogus sleeves, maybe a tramp stamp to freak my husband out.

What is the point to this post? I forget. Oh, no, now I remember: That fake tattoos can actually look really good if done by someone pro-fesh (and, hello, no commitment!). And that Jessica Alba looks really good no matter what she does.

Do you like Jess's fake ink?


Image via Splash

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