Photo-Ready Foundation Secrets From the Stars

SmashboxThe New York Times has a fascinating story up right now about the new HD-friendly foundations and primers that celebrities use in order to look flawless on HD television and even in candid shots of them that pop up on the Internet.

Of course, the Times used the opportunity to mull over what the new HD makeup means to our society and rue the fact that even the youngest celebs are losing their 'fresh-faced' appeal and caking on the makeup now. To be honest, though, I'm not really interested in all the hand-wringing.

I just want to know exactly WHAT these stars are wearing!

The answers ... after the jump!

First off, the story revealed that Lesley Schulhof, a 32-year-old vice president of GAO and flawlessly beautiful blonde, does the following:

[S]he layers on a primer (Bobbi Brown’s vitamin-enriched face base) and Smashbox HD Healthy FX foundation before contouring her cheekbones with bronzer when she attends charity events. She also sticks to the routine often in everyday life.

Bobbi Brown primer.

Smashbox HD Healthy FX foundation.


Next up, the reporter interviewed the creator of the popular brand Make Up For Ever, highlighting its Invisible Cover foundation and HD microfinish powder.

Make Up For Ever Invisible Cover foundation.

Make Up For Ever HD microfinish powder.


Finally, the article discussed Smashbox makeup, a very popular line favored by women on camera. According to the NYT piece, the brand has a new foundation out that works both on camera and in real life. It's called ...

Camera Ready BB Cream.


Thank you, New York Times! This is soooo why I love you!

The fact is that all of us, celebrity or not, could use a bottle of photo-friendly foundation in our makeup arsenal. We all have moments when we want our faces to look flawless in photographs, whether we're 23 or 57 ... and now, you've got a good starter list of products to try out and see how they work for you.

I, for one, can't wait!

How about you?


Image via Smashbox

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the4m... the4mutts

That sounds like a shit-ton of makeup. Gross.

Melis... Melissa042807

All those heavy-duty products might be nice if I was going to be under strong lighting, but for everyday, I'll stick to my Almay stuff. My crazy skin tolerates it. And I don't need to look "flawless". I like a little bit of my natural skin to come through. 

Linds... LindsayFerrier

This is definitely not makeup for every day. This is for when you're planning on being photographed or on camera and you want your skin to look "flawless."

nonmember avatar guest

Isn't bb cream the new "it" cream going around?

_brownie _brownie

Bobbi Brown primer is not worth the a lot of her products...IMO. Her products are mentioned a lot here, though.  Not sure why.  Contract?  

Smashbox (who has great products) foundation sounds pretty good. It looks like a tinted moisturizer but sounds a lot better. 

MakeUp Forever....In all honestly, it way too expensive for me to try and see.  I only wanted to try their flash pallet. 

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