Bethenny Frankel Just Wants to Fit in With New Neighbors Beyonce and Jay-Z

Bethenny FrankelAhhhhh, the day in the life of a Bravolebrity. For Mrs. Skinnygirl herself, Bethenny Frankel, things seem pretty golden. She's got a beautiful daughter Bryn, a loving husband (or does she?!), and is in the midst of completely redesigning and moving into a dream apartment in New York City.

Yesterday, the 41-year-old star headed to her new pad to meet with her fancy schmancy architect. Fun fact: Bethenny is actually moving into the same exact building as Blue Ivy! Yup, hello Jay-Z and Beyonce, meet your new Real Housewives neighb!

Something tells me that her new hip and happenin' neighbors may be the reason behind this particular ensemble (above). Look at that leopard print lining and holy moly -- that HAT! She's so TOTALLY trying to spruce things up to blend in with the new crew. Hellooooo, she could run into Jay in the elevator any damn second!


OK, so it's highly doubtful. Every star has a style off-day. But have you ever done that? Changed something about the way you dress or look because of your surroundings?

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It's only natural if you think about it. As women, it's what we do. When we go somewhere new, we wanna be accepted. I'm not saying you're about to 100 percent change your whole wardrobe when you change jobs (unless we're talking for professional reasons, of course) or start bringing your kiddo to a new playgroup. I'm just saying that once in a while, you wanna have some common ground, and fashion is an easy way to find establish that.

I've done it. Hell, the second I moved here to New York City, in fact. I traded in my sweats and Ugg boots for more stylish (and surprisingly less expensive) alternative of cuter, chicer flats or boots and jeans on the weekends. Instead of feeling like a schlub while running errands, which was a commonality where I hailed from in good ol' Connecticut, I felt ... better. Just more normal. And you know what? I think that's totally fine.

Do you find yourself dressing differently in different surroundings? How about different types of people?

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Image via Splash News

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