These High Heels Are Literally Smoking Hot

prada smoking shoesYou've probably heard people say that something you're wearing is "smoking hot" ... but these shoes take the phrase to a whole new level. Prada (I mean, who else) has designed a one hot heel. Their smoking lips shoes debuted this spring on the runway and now they're in stores. If you thought those Christian Louboutin "sex" shoes were something special, I have a feeling you'll be into these stilettos, as well.


At $880, they're probably the most costly way to get your cigarette fix, but definitely the most healthy way. Your feet may be aching after walking a few blocks in these puppies, but your lungs won't be burning at all. Forget patches, these shoes are certainly the hottest way to wear nicotine this season.

I can see Katy Perry wearing these, or Ke$ha, or any other pop star du jour whose style is a little edgy. Pair these suckers with bright toenail polish or, wait for it, socks, and their coolness factor is taken to the next level. prada smoking shoes

Apparently pop stars aren't the only peeps snatching them up -- the shoes are in such high demand that Saks Fifth Avenue is limiting buyers to three every thirty days. Not that you were looking to get more than one of these smoking hot shoes, but still. Get 'em while you can -- they're selling faster than cigarettes at a 7-Eleven near any high school in America.

Do you like these Prada shoes?


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