Katy Perry’s Green Slime Outfit Made Her Worst Dressed at Kids’ Choice Awards

katy perry kids choice 2012The Kids' Choice Awards are a silly, fun affair, complete with buckets o' slime and Justin Bieber, but still -- that doesn't make it an excuse to completely throw all sense of style out the window. Yet that's kind of what Katy Perry did yesterday ...

Look, I like Katy Perry. I do. I saw her in concert last year -- she was tremendous. But what is happening here? Seems like she's been on a tailspin of odd decisions lately -- both fashion-related and not. And this one is taking the (technicolor) cake.


I get the whole crop top/sports bra thing she's got going on. (I get it.) Bare midriffs, although insanely '80s and typically unflattering (no matter how tight your tummy is), are back -- and Katy wasn't alone in rocking this look on the red carpet. Selena Gomez wore a cropped halter top, as well. But Selena looked ... not ridiculous. Katy looked like she was wearing a costume.

If she was going to go for wild -- which, let's face it, odds are she was going to go for wild -- I wish she would have toned down one aspect of this situation. The neon green sports bra, the neon green skirt/culottes thing, the neon green heels, and of course, the purple and blue My Little Pony ponytail ... it's just too much. I'm not even sure where to look. My brain isn't programmed to process that much color at once.

The only thing that excuses this outfit sort of is the fact that Perry wore it to the Kids' Choice Awards. I mean, I imagine if I were still 6, I'd go crazy over this this kind of thing. But, please, Katy, retire this outfit (or that pony!) once and for all. It's just too much.

What do you think of Katy's outfit?

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Image via John Shearer/Getty

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