Burger Eyes: The Next Big Thing?

Burger KingWhat won't Burger King do to get consumers' attention? After seeing this ad from the Netherlands, I'm thinking NOTHING.

Yes, girls, the supposed 'King' of fast food is taking a strange new tactic to convince our Dutch friends that Whoppers are where it's at. BK has now given us ...



Buzzfeed brought us this ad, and looking at it, I can't decide whether I'm fascinated or horrified.

Let's just say I'm ... fascified.

I mean, the eye makeup is sort of awesome, but really, who wants eyes that look good enough to eat?

Believe it or not, Burger King isn't the first to use food as inspiration for eye makeup. Take a look at this shot from Gurl:

Watermelon Eyes

Mmm, mmm, good!

It seems like we've seen it all in the world of fashion, from wacky wedding hats to picnic pants. Why shouldn't burger eyes be the next big thing? Given our obsession with fast food, I could totally see it happening!

What about you? Would you wear burger makeup?

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Images via Buzzfeed, Gurl

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