Jennifer Lawrence Wants You to See Her Nipples (VIDEO)

Jennifer Lawrence braless on 'Rolling Stone' CoverThere are two types of magazine covers that ALWAYS always always catch my eye. One, the obvious preggers cover. You know, the Demi Moore/Jessica Simpson/big time A-listers without clothes showing off their baby-filled stomach sorta thing. And two, the braless cover. Jennifer Lawrence, my biggest Hollywood crush EVAH (next to Justin Timberlake) and star of The Hunger Games, opted for numero dos on the April cover of Rolling Stone.

It's not that I don't think she looks hot. Hell, I'd contemplate giving up Diet Coke for a month to A) have her killer bod and B) rock that perfectly placed "messy" hair look. But I dunno, the braless thing just so isn't my shtick. Exposed nipples? DEFINITELY not.

We're not in the 1970s anymore, sweetheart.


Personally, I've got decent sized jugs. Yup, I just wrote that down for the whole world to read. Maybe my anti-braless stance is because of my larger bust size. I just know that if you've got some extra lovin' up top, it doesn't look as good without a little extra support. I don't know about you, but I feel weird without it!

It's not all about support, though. Hello -- let's talk shape. The overall look of a gorge dress or blouse could be totally ruined if your highbeams are pointing in the wrong direction. Yeah yeah, I understand that some women just "wanna feel free" and are so not down with being restricted because "culture thinks it's what they should do." I dunno. I've never been on top of that soap box and I just never will be.

So yeah. It's true. In fact, there's no disputing it. J. Lawr, you look beautiful and all sorts of sexy without the bra. Will I be leaving the house without my boulder holder anytime soon? Yeah, not so much.

Watch some footage from her Rolling Stone shoot, here:

What do you think about going braless? 


Image via Rolling Stone

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