Picnic Pants Make Outdoor Eating (Almost) Ant-Free (PHOTOS)

picnic pantHow many times have you been sitting on a blanket in a park, enjoying a picnic, and thought to yourself, Man! If only the crotch of my pants formed a bat-wing like triangle that extended to my knees making a malleable table of sorts on my lap! I know. It's been a dream of mine, as well. But dream we shall no longer because the perfect picnic pant is now a reality. Thanks to Italian company Acquacalda, we can now sit cross-legged on the grass and rest our plates on our pants.

No more spilling pasta salad on the grass and being too embarrassed to pick it back up and eat it -- now all our food stuffs will roll off our plates and onto our fabric entrenched laps. But wait! There's more.


The picnic pants also have some sort of pocket beverage holder. Italians, the design geniuses behind bolognese, the Colosseum, the Ferrari, and now the picnic pant with built-in cup holder, think of everything. Incredible.

Besides looking like a certifiable crazy person when wearing these pantaloons, the only other flaw I see is that they don't come in kids' sizes. This would be great for the young ones who can't seem to keep it together while on a picnic. One minute their watermelon is on their paper plate, the next it's in the dirt, covered in ants, and they're poking it with a stick. Maybe if the kids wore the picnic pants, they'd be more inclined to have a seat and eat. For once!picnic pant

And when picnic season is over, don't worry, these pants easily transition into your M.C. Hammer costume for Halloween. Yep, these pants are pretty much the ultimate twofer.

Who's getting themselves a pair?


Photos via acquacaldadesigns.it

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