Beyonce's Amazing Fur Baby Sling Isn't What You Think (PHOTO)

beyonceI always knew that Beyonce would be a super stylish mama, but I didn't think she would be this awesome. Every time I've seen Blue Ivy's mom out in public since she's given birth, woman has been killing it. And her latest fashion move -- wrapping her baby in a fur infinity scarf -- is seriously the icing on the cake. I can't even deal. 

If you'll take a close look at the photo to your left, you'll notice that what's covering Beyonce's sweet, little babe, who's obviously in a sling of some sort, is merely a scarf -- not some million-dollar fancy-pants, gray, fluffy contraption. A scarf, I say!

We can do that, too!


Even if it does wind up being some million-dollar fancy-pants, gray, fluffy contraption -- which I really don't think it is -- this is totally an easy look to duplicate. With a (faux) fur infinity scarf. Or anything cute, for that matter -- a patterned pashmina; a lacy shawl, etc. Simply place miniature human in your Baby Bjorn, Mei Tai, Moby Wrap, or whatever device you fancy, and drape the scarf/pashmina/shawl around your neck and around your baby. Voila. You're Beyonce.

Becoming a new mom is the furthest thing from fashionable. I've seen it. I've heard it. And everybody and their mom have told me that when I give birth in a few weeks, I can kiss all pretty things goodbye. That's fine. Sort of. For a little while. But if I can trick out a few of my mommy things -- like my baby sling -- at no cost at all, well, that's just gravy. Baby.

How cute is Beyonce's baby sling situation? What did you do to feel "pretty" after giving birth?

Image via Splash

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