Jennifer Lawrence Flubs Latest Red Carpet Stint in Victoria Beckham's Dress

Jennifer Lawrence

I've never seen a celebrity literally NAIL it every single damn time they're on the red carpet like Jennifer Lawrence. Heck, I've even stopped wondering why it seems like her new movie, The Hunger Games, has  has 8,000 x more hype and red carpet events around the country than any other movie ever -- simply because I'm so head-over-heels with everything J. Lawr.

She looked hot in NYC. She steamed up the carpet in LA. And holy red hot, did you see her at the Oscars!? But uh-oh, it seems like we've hit a beauty speed bump. At Monday night's premiere of The Hunger Games in Madrid, the actress finally fell from her pedestal. Wearing a color-blocked mini dress by Victoria Beckham, she looked ... well ... boxy. And, erm, futuristically awkward. At least that's sorta what some of the fashion blogs are sayin'.

The big question: Can the girl recover from this? Answer: Heck yes.


You know what's sort of comical about this for me? I kinda like the not-so-average dress. Would I look at it on a rack in a store and think it would be unflattering on? Yeah, probs. But sometimes as women we wear something just because hey, we LIKE it. Not everything is always going to look amazing on every shape and size.

The fact of the matter is that Jennifer Lawrence has shown us more stellar outfits during the media tour for The Hunger Games over the last few months than some actresses break out in a lifetime. The girl's got a fantastic sense of style (or at least a damn good stylist!) and really knows how to dress for her body.

So I say this: so what if she "messed up" one time?! Hell, I mess up nearly every damn day. All you can do after a bad style day is try your best to pick yourself back up and move forward. You've got to give the girl credit, if I had her schedule -- I'd be an exhausted mess!

Check out Jennifer in Victoria Beckham's dress from Monday night's premiere, here:

What do you think of Jennifer's Madrid premiere dress?


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