An H&M Luxury Line Is the Ultimate Act of Betrayal

hThe clothing rumor mill is churning out an interesting one today -- Women's Wear Daily thinks that H&M is going to start a high-end fashion line. The discount Swedish retailers are known for their cheap wares, you're hard pressed to find something in their stores over $50, so it'd be an odd change of pace for them to start producing higher quality women's and men's clothing. Usually it's the luxury brands that design for stores like H&M and Target, not the other way around, so I suppose this could be interesting. 

But I predict it will fail miserably.


To be honest, though, I'm also the one who declared that J.Crew would go out of business soon after they raised their prices in 2005, yet they just had one of their highest earning quarters ever ... so perhaps I'm not the best at predicting the future, but who knows. No harm in shouting about something that's yet to be confirmed or denied, you know?

Mmmhmm, H&M hasn't even released a statement regarding the truthiness of the rumors. They're just saying that "anything is possible." If by "anything" they mean charging me $170 for a dress made out of that plastic thread they use to make their cheaper stuff, I'm not interested.

H&M should stick to what they know. They're super cheap, super trendy, super great to wear three times and then throw away once you make the mistake of washing and drying the garment. It can't withstand that kind of pressure, which is why it cost $8 in the first place.

They should continue partnering with luxury brands like Versace and Marni -- those novelty collections are fun and worth paying a little more for. I don't know if I'd feel the same way about H&M's high class line. The fact that it would be readily available and not necessarily "special" would be a deterrent in and of itself.

What do you think of a high-end H&M line?


Photo via Hakan Dahlstrom/Flickr

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