Jennifer Lopez's 'Secret' for Staying Young Is Completely Obvious (VIDEO)

jennifer lopezO.M.G. In my next life, I'm so coming back as Jennifer Lopez. Because I'm guessing that it's pretty darn fun to be as hot as she is. I mean -- she's always been gorgeous, but at 42 years old, she looks better than ever. I honestly think she's more stunning than she was back when she started her career.

Seriously -- take a look at her in this neon green dress and hot pink heels and try not to stare at her with your mouth wide open. (I'm still searching for my jaw. It's on the floor somewhere.) Jen must have some sort of beauty secret for looking better and better as she ages, because she's somehow managed to defy the laws of nature. How on earth does she look that flawless after having twins?!


Well -- I think I may have figured out her little anti-aging beauty secret, and it's a good one. Oh, c'mon -- isn't it obvious?

As cliche as it may sound, I really think J. Lo is on to something with the whole cougar thing. Her boyfriend, Casper Smart, is almost 20 years younger than she is, and dating him seems to have erased years off her looks. Most women seem to glow a bit when they're in love, but Jennifer has been in love many, many times before -- and she's never looked quite this perfect. Casper's definitely giving her (ahem) something that the other men in her life never did.

Huh. Could it be that something as simple as having a romance with a much younger man is the key to discovering the Fountain of Youth? Because that seems a whole lot less expensive than magic potions & creams and/or plastic surgery. And I'm guessing dating a hot, young guy is a lot more fun too.

It would be kind of frowned upon for us married gals to try out this beauty theory, but if you're single and ready to mingle, it may be worth it to try a younger guy on for size. Being a cougar is certainly workin' for J. Lo!

To see more of Jen and her much younger man, check out the video clip below.

Do you think that happiness and beauty are related?

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