Bebe Wedding Dresses Are Surprisingly Chic (PHOTOS)

bebe bridal collectionJust so we're clear, I would rather light myself on fire than wear anything from Bebe. The brand is not for me. Satin, stretchy club wear doesn't appeal to me in the same way that skinny jeans and boyfriend oxfords do. But that's what makes fashion, and fashion design, great, right? There's something for everyone. My distaste for Bebe is someone else's distaste for Zara. It's what makes the world go round.

That said -- the part about self-combustion -- I will admit that Bebe's new bridal collection isn't terrible. In fact, there's a dress or two I wouldn't be adverse to possibly trying on. Then, of course, there are the high-shine silk one shoulder dresses, but we'll ignore those messes for now and focus on everything not-horrible a Bebe bride could be.


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