Jennifer Lawrence the Latest Celeb to Stop Wearing Pants (VIDEO)

jennifer lawrence pantlessQuick everyone take off your pants and pile them up in the middle of the room and light them on fire because you no longer need those restricting, get-in-your-way slacks anymore. All the stars in Hollywood, including Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence, are going pantless and it's time we got on board. Enough with those annoying fabric pieces that cover up our legs -- it's time to embrace the pantless trend and walk around with your ass out and your thighs wobbling.

Jennifer works it on the cover of German Interview, but she's just one in a long line of celebs who've candidly declared britches are for bitches.


Madonna's into it. The 53-year-old performed in Miami last week totally pantless -- her butt cheeks were on display for the whole world to see. Madge has accepted that pants are soooo last season and is a great example of how to fully engross yourself in one of this spring's hottest trends.

Modern Family star Sofia Vergara substituted sheer leggings for the out-of-style trouser this winter, proving that she's a little ahead of the pantless game. Then she went ahead and reaffirmed her hatred for dungarees when she posed for the cover of Esquire. No pants, no problem.

Never ones to be left out of a trend, the Kardashian girls approve of going bottomless. Just last week Kourtney, who wouldn't let a pregnancy stop her from exerting her right to pantlessness, was seen out to lunch in L.A. in just a beige blouse and flats.

And we can't forget Taylor Momsen. She's been shunning clothing for legs since the beginning of 2010. She's certainly not afraid to wear just a t-shirt and shoes, and it shows.

But a pantless post isn't complete without honoring the pantless princess who may or may not have started it all, Carrie Bradshaw. That runway walk in Dolce & Gabbana granny panties might have something to do with the pantless way things are now.

So what are you waiting for? Burn 'em. Pants are now a thing of the past.

What do you think of the pantless trend?


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