Using Hitler to Sell Men's Shampoo Is Just Plain Sick (VIDEO)

Hitler biomen commercialYou would think by now, almost 70 years since World War 2, the international community would be on the same page with knowing that it's in incredibly poor taste to use Hitler or the Nazis or anything resembling a nod to the Holocaust as a marketing ploy. But no. A Turkish cosmetics company is under fire this week for releasing a commercial for their men's shampoo, the "star" of which is none other than Adolf.

The commercial uses vintage footage of the dictator and dubs with a Turkish voiceover that makes it seem like Hitler is claiming, "If you're not wearing women's clothes, you shouldn't be using women's shampoo either. Here it is. A real man's shampoo. Biomen. Real men use Biomen."

Can you believe it?! Heinous, just heinous!


Here it is:

It's no wonder leaders of the Jewish community in Turkey have called for the ad to be pulled. They released a statement on the Istanbul's rabbinate's website that reads:

Using Hitler, whose brutal ideology caused the deaths of millions of people, in a commercial in order to be different or create awareness (of a product) is unacceptable.

And as Abraham Foxman over at the Anti-Defamation League put it,  the ad is "an insult to the memory of those who perished in the Holocaust, those who survived, and those who fought to defeat the Nazis."

Damn straight. Sadly, figuring out why someone thought this was appropriate isn't exactly incomprehensible. Istanbul is home to about 14 million Muslims, and in the entire country of Turkey, there are only 20K Jews. Still, while it may be unsurprising that the country has increasingly become a hotbed of anti-Semitism, it doesn't make it something we -- meaning, the world community -- should turn a blind eye to. An ad like this is just plain wrong anywhere, and if it is even hints at an underlying attitude in Turkey, it's terrifying. And you know, this should really go without say, but who in their right mind would take beauty tips from Hitler?!

Can you believe this?!

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