Khloe Kardashian's Colored Jeans Showed a Little Too Much of Her

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khloe kardashianPoor Khloe Kardashian got caught in a bit of a fashion trap this weekend when she tried out the new colored jean trend -- and unfortunately failed miserably at pulling off the look.

Pastel and brightly hued jeans are all the rage this season, and as long as you're wearing the right shade and style, you can create an eye-popping, trendy style, which Khloe's mom, Kris Jenner, proved last week.

Khloe, however, did nothing to flatter her gorgeous curves by choosing this mint-green pair of skinny jeans.

Pastel shades are risky no matter how you look at them, because they really don't leave anything up to the imagination. Wearing a light shade of colored jeans is pretty much the same thing as wearing white -- and we all know just how unforgiving bright white pants can be (yikes!). And with pastels, you have the added possibility of looking like an Easter egg. And nobody wants that.

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A better choice for Khloe would've been a much darker color of jeans -- a red or bright pink might have worked well enough if they'd been the right cut. If you're going to up the ante on your style and try out a bold trend like this, it's essential that you choose your color carefully and take the entire fit into account as well.

But honestly, some trends aren't exactly for everyone. I can't help but think that maybe Khloe should choose a traditional, dark blue wash for her skinny jeans from here on out. Sometimes it's better to stick with what works instead of trying to step too far outside the box when it comes to fashion.

Have you broken down and bought a pair of colored jeans yet?

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jessi... jessicasmom1

no I personally don't care for them although I think so look good in them just not me


Stacey. Stacey.

No matter what she wears she's ugly on the inside and the things that come out of her mouth are even more hideous.

nonmember avatar amanda

Omg !! Yall caught her pullin up her pants. If she was walkin down the street but yall wouldn't say nothing then , right !!?

nonmember avatar Emme

I honestly don't like to buy anything really trendy - anything that I know will look atrocious in the future. Maybe I'm an aberration, but I like to buy clothes knowing I can wear them till they're worn out.

It also helps that I typically don't like what's in style... like these jeans.

Brooke Williams

oh geez NO I won't wear any colored pants. Just blue jeans and black/gray dress pants for me, thanks.

lalas... lalasmama2007

No, and i won't be buying any.

Melis... Melissa042807

The last time I owned colored jeans I was eleven years old and in 6th grade and they were all the rage. I had a dark green pair and a cranberry red pair. Somehow I just can't get past that mental block. So no, I will not be participating in the colored jeans trend.

Though I do agree, a darker jean would be more flattering on Khloe's figure. Love that she's tall and rocks the curves in any case!

Freela Freela

I'm with Melissa above me... I had coloured jeans in grade six.  They weren't great then, and I don't want to relive them in my 30s! 

butte... butterflyfreak

Some fashion trends should just stay dead! This is one of them....

pampire pampire

I'm not a fan of colored denim but I think Khloe looked good!

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